Jörg Peschke

Jörg Peschke

Director Drives and Controls, R&D and Technology
Jörg Peschke, Director Drives and Controls, ist bei der Firma MacGregor Germany für die technische Konzeption, Umsetzung und Entwicklung digitaler Produkte und Services verantwortlich.

MacGregor Germany GmbH & Co. KG

We shape the offshore and marine industries through the most value-creating services and solutions. Working daily together with owners, operators and shipbuilders, we innovate, design and engineer solutions that last for a lifetime. We build on long-term relationships and being a reliable partner. Our work starts from understanding the industry landscape and our customers’ needs. It continues with designing value-creating solutions and providing lifetime support through on-site and remote services that maximise safety and performance, and minimise downtime. We are determined to stay close to our customers and provide long-term support for their business.

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